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Chloe Dress

Chloe Dress

1.390,00 lei

A smart investment for special events is the Chloe dress, of romantic inspiration. Its bust is decorated with creamy and yellow 3D flowers, applications that blend perfectly with the simple, classic design of the green-pink skirt. The dress is good-tasting and sophisticated, being suitable for gala ceremonies, receptions or social events such as theater or opera performances.






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Chani Dress

Seductive and unique in design, Chani dress will become the favorite piece of modern woman’s arsenal, interested in having iconic pieces in her closet. This dress is a reinterpretation of classical evening gowns, with a special detail in the form of a fold on the left, which emphasizes the authenticity of this garment. Thanks to its timeless elegance, the dress is perfect for a dinner, banquet or festive event.

Chantal Dress

This long, cracked dress is perfect for a beach party, festive event, or a city break. The Chantal dress is special thanks to the carefully crafted crown, which highlights the silhouette, and the unique combination of colors – two elements that will make any woman noticed. The result of artistic creativity and talent, this piece of clothing provides a fresh and sexy look.

Blanche Dress

595,00 lei1.190,00 lei

Blanche Dress

595,00 lei1.190,00 lei

Originality and craftsmanship are the basis of this white tulle dress with hand-made floral inspirations. Every 3D flower is worked with ingenuity and skill by the Etelle team during a long artisanal process. This timeless creation is an emblem of feminine style and a proof of creativity. The Blanche dress is the perfect choice for an unforgettable evening.

Aurore Dress

Inspired by the glamor of the 20s, the Aurore dress is a work of art that emits sensuality and sophisticated air. Brilliant sequins adorn the classic design of the dress, handmade carefully at every detail. The Aurore dress is a statement piece, perfect for the nonconformist, seductive and stylish woman. This creation is ideal for special events such as gala ceremonies or receptions.