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Measurement tips

Measurment tips

To personalize your dress to your size, read carefully the instructions on how to measure your body size.

A. Bust

Stay with your back in front of a mirror. Measure yourself around your bust by crossing the subway through your back under your hands. The meter must be perfectly parallel to the floor. When an angle is in front, put the tip of your finger so that it does not get too tight.

B. Chest

Using the same technique, measure the area under the bust.

C. Waist

Measures the thinnest area between the navel and the chest cavity. The body must be in a relaxed position.

D. Thighs

Keep the meter parallel to the floor and measure the thigh area where the circumference is greatest.

E. Dress Length

Stand with your back straight and measure from shoulders to where you want the dress to reach its maximum length, passing over the bulk of the bust.

F. Skirt Length

Measure the length of the skirt from the waist until you want the dress to reach the maximum length.