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Angelique Dress

Angelique Dress

1.190,00 lei

Designed for a diaphanous appearance, the Angelique dresses seduce through romantic design, fineness of materials and richness of detail. Manual floral inspirations give the dress a ravishing look perfect for a contemporary princess. The dress exudes an angelic air, femininity and elegance. Worn at a special event, this will be the evening’s attraction.





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Reine Dress

890,00 lei990,00 lei

Reine Dress

890,00 lei990,00 lei

With a seemingly simple but appealing design, this evening dress is distinguished by elegance and nobility. Made from special materials, creation highlights the silhouette and gives it a distinct air. The key point of the Reine dress is the decolletage of V which transmits femininity and contributes to its remarkable appearance.

Amelie Dress

This versatile dress is ideal for a brunch, cocktail party or a walk in the city. Its simple yet charming design can be tailored to the occasion, using the right accessories. Round neckline, waistband and delicate steering wheel contribute to the chic look of this creation, turning it into a style statement.

Juliette Dress

Designed for a contemporary Juliet, this evening turquoise velvet dress is the essence of feminine style and beauty. The fineness of precious material and unique design seduces and bears the owner in a world of royal elegance. The mystery note is conferred by the ample cleavage and the crack on the leg, two details by which the Juliette dress passes into the sphere of perfection. This outstanding piece is ideal for women who want to have a strong but refined look at a pretentious evening event.

Coralie Dress

The perfect crown, which emphasizes the body line, and the rich details of the bust area are the characteristics of this romantic evening sparkling dress. Pink blossoms, painted and pinched, are the proof of the Etelle team, who has fully devoted to this complex artisanal process. Creativity and elegance underlie Coralie Dress, a special creation that will conquer any loving beauty.